Website Design

Web Design

Grow your business with our web design service, ensuring a strong online presence and effective promotion of your products and services

web page optimization

Website Optimization & SEO

Optimize your website to incrase your ranking in search engines

internet marketing

Internet Marketing

Increase the value of your online presense with our dedicated Internet Marketing and SEO services, ensuring effective promotion of your website

eshop Design

eshop Software

Exploit the power of an online store (eshop) and increase the profitability of your business by selling your products 24 hours 24 hours every day of the year

Training & consulting

Training & Consulting

eparxis organizes seminars for website design, optimization and internet marketing

Online surveys

Online surveys

eparxis organizes online web surveys and the statistical prosessing of results with suitable software (SPSS)


Our Latest Project

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Online direct marketing is growing at a blistering pace. By one estimate, the Internet now influences a staggering 50 percent of total retail sales.
Philip Kotler, Gary Armostrong, Principles of Marketing