About us

Who we are

Eparxis name comes from the ancient greek word ὕπαρξις, which means "existence". Eparxis is a start-up company founded in 2010 in Athens, Greece offering, as its name implies, products and services for your online presense

What do we offer

For our customers we design and develop dynamic web applications focusing on e-commerce and content management systems. Our Internet Marketing services will dramatically increase the value of your website using SEO for page ranking improvement, paid placement ads, and social media marketing for your company to participate and engage with communities of interest. Our solutions will help you create and maintain a solid and profitable online presence.

Plug your business to a Web-enabled world with eparxis

Our highly qualified business and technical team will offer you step-by-step consultancy, guide and support in all stages of your online adventure. Check our product offerings and contact us to discuss in more detail your roadmap and how we could assist you realizing your targets.